Alien Outbreak

Alien Outbreak 1

Space shooter style game with over 200 levels

Alien Outbreak is a space shooter game for casual and advanced players alike. Players will have to destroy over 35 different enemy units through more than 200 unique levels, where they will encounter a total of 9 alien bosses.

In order to fight the enemies in Alien Outbreak, the player counts with an arsenal of over 14 different weapons and 6 bonus-types, which they will have to catch during the game.

Players will be able to choose between several controller options like mouse, gamepad/joystick or keyboard, and move their spaceship up and down as well as right and left.

The graphics follow the tradition of the "shoot them all" shooter games of old and are accompanied by original soundtrack and sound effects. The game also has five levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers or beginners.